Thank you for admitting that Hillary has done some good things.
Tom Christy

Given the nature of social media, criticism will travel much faster and farther than in decades past. This is not unique to the Clintons. While some of the heat directed at her is inflammatory, namely on Twitter, it is surprising to me that there is so much negativity towards Bernie’s goals. He has the support of 170 economists.

Hillary recently made the same debunked criticism of Bernie Sanders fight for healthcare reform at a Staten Island, NY rally saying, “Where were you? I mean, really?”

This line of attack was addressed just last month.

Perhaps she is unaware of how the Internet works. Worse, she’s hoping that she can keep repeating the same message no matter how incorrect she may be in the hopes that this distortion will be internalized. Remember, George W. Bush openly admitted to propagandizing.

Unfortunately for Clinton, the vast majority of young people — the future of this country — get their news from the Internet. Embellishing the truth in order to score political points is a much more treacherous endeavor. Doing so only will hurt her at the polls.

Having an honest discussion about policy positions is fine. Blatant fabrications are unacceptable. Backlash should be expected when such tactics are utilized.