Helios Coin, Saving the environment one coin at a time.

Why are the old school Crypto mining technologies limiting their own future success?

To make a long story short, crypto mining hardware resources were not able to keep up with its massive quantitative demand and do to the fact that crypto mining servers are heavily dependent on electrical energy, but do not panic. The Yolla INC LTD entrepreneurs are here to save the day with their new Helios Coin.

Helios Coin is trying to achieve new ways of approaching these mining servers with new age renewable energy for all of its business operations, Helios is figuring out a solution to generate the lowest carbon impact in for the environment.

Crypto mining In the decentralized world is a system that records transactions and gives value to crypto coins through its unique decentralized concepts and the way the mining nodes work is that they collect data of p2p transactions from the network, then they validate the same transactions and once validated, they pack the data together in “blocks”, following a “hash” process which is named to the action of finding new blocks, after that these new blocks are uploaded to the web adding it to the “blockchain” as we all know it.

They allow user transactions and for preventing double spending from being included in the block chains, the nodes of the network are rewarded with digital currency blocks.

You can think of this as a payment to the node in exchange for the service to create a block in the consensus chain, this is Crypto Mining.

Crypto Mining is a concept that has revolutionized the way that value is applied to actual FIAT currency. What happened at the time of its launch is that this sounded great in theory, but as the supply and demand for cryptocurrencies skyrocketed, this crypto mining supply was not able to keep up with its demand and we ran into one simple but very important fact; that crypto mining servers are heavily dependent on energy.

Since the start of the bitcoin craze mining has over time become a problem for the environment. At first, we could not notice the difference but as time passed and the demand for cryptocurrencies grew, the mining industry had to resort to more economical and simpler ways of attaining their energy.

Overtime crypto mining farms consumed large amounts of energy and ended up with no benefits for the environment; instead, they came with a big toll on nature due to its mass production demand, thus leading to a great environmental problem. This has led many environmentalists to disagree if block chains are so excellent for the future of humanity since they expel so much energy into the atmosphere without any benefit.

Just this year alone the use of electrical energy in crypto mining farms in the country of Iceland surpassed that of the households of the entire country. This has become a problem because if it keeps going at this rate the country will not have enough energy to supply to the citizens of Iceland. In China as another example, the government wanted to increase crypto mining productivity so they lowered the cost of electricity. Since their environmental laws are not so strict, miners can burn as much coal as they want, in fact, they build crypto mining farms next to fossil fuel rich areas to quickly convert it to bitcoin. At the cost of increasing production, this creates harmful environmental effects such as smog which also affect the population. At the end of the day, these methods do more harm than good and are outdated in this modern time where we have plenty of green energy options available.

Helios Mining will substantially substitute other hardware limited mthods that do not require the quantity while at the same time keeping the quality of the same crypto mining techniques. Yolla INC LTD is working on bringing more environmentally friendly approaches to the table.

Helios Coin will discover new frontiers with Solar panel based energy technologies, immersion cooling, and self-sustainable mining techniques that will change the way the mining structure framework will work in the future. Helios Mining will offer the world an opportunity to innovate the blockchain network structure.

The Helios Mining Ltd is a decentralized method that involves new revolutionizing methods that consist of:

Solar Energy:

Solar power is the future, we all know this. It is ideal for high-temperature climates and it does not create carbon footprints which are the number one aspect of environmental disasters known today by science. The future that solar panel based mining will bring is a substantial solution for most mining energy environmental and quality problems. Solar energy is free, thus unlimited energy combined with Crypto mining technologies will bring forth a revolutionizing concept as we see today.


Battery-based frameworks combined with solar power is one of Yolla INC LTD’s forte, this allows for crypto mining servers to run 24 hours of the day without hindering production. During the day the solar panel energy is accumulated in this battery-based energy reserves, that way it compensates for the lack of sunlight. These new age batteries are much more efficient and last a lot longer than the previous versions and they get better with time as technology advances.

Immersion Cooling:

Immersion cooling allows for the cooling of this heavy machinery, with new ways of cooling never seen before and is the actual solution for all types of pollution which are typical of current mining methods.

Intelligent Currency:

Helios Mining is trying to bring custom-made software and algorithms that figure out the current market scenarios in real time and it accommodates its mining modes according to the time place and circumstance of the current economic situation. Whether it is to save energy or to achieve maximum efficiency.

HLC Token:

Helios tokens or HLC tokens, which are based on Ethereum’s ERC-20, will allow their token holders to vote on company projects and changes. They will also attain profits from the companies various crypto mining operations based on how much Helios Mining makes in revenue. Anyone from the general population around the globe will have the opportunity to purchase HLC tokens and become part of the companies revolutionary green methods. Most of the profits they receive from token sales will be put towards the machinery necessary towards these environmentally friendly ideas. These systems will be completely automated and will cost very little to maintain, making them more efficient and easy to use.

The HLC token will first be available between July and October of this year with only 5 million of them on the market.

Helios Token has become one of the only hopes to start an environmentally conscious movement in the crypto mining industry which advocates the use of clean energy in order to reduce our carbon footprint while still continuing forward in the cryptocurrency era.

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