Infographics: Entrepreneur, Startup Founder, & Leadership

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While meeting so many remarkable and gifted people at SXSW Interactive 2017 in Austin, Texas, USA, (e.g., startup founders, entrepreneurs, developers, etc.) I decided that in my role as an adult education and educational psychology research professional, I need to share my belief in the power of learning with “Infographics!” What are Infographics? With infographics, you can convey complex topics by using visual imagery, simple language, and a logical flow to enhance learning.

Last year, I developed a collection of Pinterest Infographic Pins Collection Board titled “Infographics: Entrepreneurs, Startup Founders, and Leadership to ensure success. Please, follow the Pinterest Board because I make regular updates.

If your interested in the best designed and most effective infographics for your needs, contact Randy Krum author of the best-selling book “Cool Infographics: Effective Communication with Data Visualization and Design” and founder of the company Infonewt. Infographics are ideally suited for digital marketing campaigns, social media marketing campaigns, product functionality, and hardware/software user support, etc.