Proposed Mutimodal Blvd. Reconstruction of Jollyville Road Paid By 183N Mobility Project

Proposed Multimodal Pedestrian Friendly Jollyville Road

Above is a picture of the proposed reconstruction of Jollyville Road as part of the 183 North Mobility Project.

Please, inform via email our Austin, Texas Mayor Adler , City Council , The 183 North Mobility Project Team and especially District 10 Council Person Alison Alter that you support the “Jollyville Road Mutimodal Pedestrian Friendly Reconstruction Project.”

The project will increase property values along Jollyville Road; since it will provide a beautiful amenity for the “City of Austin Cyclists, Bus Riders, Walkers, and Runner’s for the entire city of Austin as well as the neighborhoods along Jollyville Road.” Plus, it aligns with one of the main outcomes of the Comprehensive Imagine Austin Plan.

What is it? Create Multimodal boulevards. Unfortunately, a number of Austin city council members do not support this project because of neighborhood opposition. This is an instance when all Austin, Texas resident’s need to inform their city council district members to think about the the entire City of Austin (Many people from other Austin council districts and vistors to Austin will use the new mutimodal Jollyville Blvd.) and honor the commitment by former Mayor Wynn’s work towards creating Austin, Texas as a new urbanist city.

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