The TechBreakfast Showcase at SXSW 2017 Interactive a Success!

Once again TechBreakfast which offers a monthly TechBreakfast Meetup in Austin, Texas at the Capital Factory that I attend on a regular basis, had another exceptional TechBreakfast Showcase at SXSW 2017 Interactive. There were thousands of people attending to witness pitches from some of the best and innovative “IT/Biotech Startups” in the world. Unfortunately, “Bently the Downtown, Austin, Texas Poodle” wanted to attend the event but he couldn’t attend. Why? The size of the audience (There were thousands of people in attendance.) After all Bently is a “Toy Poodle!”

Make sure if you live in Austin or other TechBreakfast cities across the USA to attend their “Free” event. I believe it’s one of the best early morning (i.e. 8:00 a.m.) IT/Bio-Tech startup meetups in Austin. Why do I like it so much? I love the “IT/Bio-Tech Startup Pitch” by the featured startups because there always inspirational. Also, TechBreakfast provides free breakfast tacos from the best taco place in Austin. Who is it? Taco Deli of course! Plus, they provide great java, orange juice, and water. Another bonus is that they have sponsors that provide IT/Biotech startup services (e.g., a law firm, a IT talent placement agency, etc.). I look forward to attending next month’s TechBreakfast at the Capital Factory in Downtown, Austin, Texas.

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