I doomed mankind with a free text editor
Morten Just

I have the thought, while reading through, that the outrage is about a much larger issue in modern world. The ‘dumbing down’ of language is something grown with roots in many areas: telecommunications, access to communication, globalisation, and the worries of educational lapses, among others.

Ironically, the system is simply distilling down language — perhaps distilling, or clarifying the larger issue? Human beings seem very quick to scapegoat, or just find one thing to point at. I’m not sure outrage is warranted if one cannot see the larger setting that the outrageous issue lives in.

Here we have a confined system of 1,000 words. However, our vocabulary is well above that by exponents. Don’t use it to write a thesis, and don’t send me a text the pour your heart out about our relationship! People be nuts.

This is simply magnetic poetry, right?

Use the tools our there for the right communication job. Using this to get over writer’s block, translate a simple letter into another language, or just to be ironic is a clever way of using your tools as a means of communication for its own sake — called art.

Before a person blames the imminent collapse of classical civilisation, realise that the worries you have are rooted in many, many more issues, technologies, philosophies, across last reaches of space and time.

Oh, the Trump thing — spot on. I thought he used a See-And-Say, but I guess his staff can afford iPads.

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