Beauty, creativity and longevity

On pg 156 of “Power vs Force” David R Hawkins MD, PhD says “The disillusionment of emptiness comes from failure to align one’s life with the principles from which power emanates. A good illustration of this phenomenon can be seen in the lives of great musicians, composers, and conductors or our own times. How frequently they continue productive careers into their eighties and nineties, often having children and living vigorously until a ripe old age. Their lives have been dedicated to the creation and embodiment of beauty; beauty incorporates and expresses enormous power. We know clinically that alignment with beauty is associated with longevity and vigor. Because beauty is a function of creativity, such longevity is common in all creative occupations.”

What this paragraph from Dr. Hawkins says to me is this: the creation and sharing of art is life giving. If you want to live a long, fulfilling life you should spend it creating works of beauty that will survive long after you are no longer here. If you have things blocking your creativity, then working to remove those blocks will not only help you to be happier and more creative, but will also help you to live a longer life. Even my own dad, the king of left brained people, once loved to make things from stained glass. Of all of the things that he has given me in my life, the most precious thing that I have is a stained glass bald eagle that he gave me when I reached Eagle Scout in Scouting in 1989. Why is this eagle so precious to me? Because I watched my dad make this (not knowing that it was for me) and know the countless hours that he put in to its creation. I will have this stained glass eagle long after my dad has left the earth and long after many of my memories of him have faded from my mind. Art is full of life, and life is full of art.

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