In that context, I can agree, although even that claim is quite iffy due to the issue of differing…
Filip Bajsicki

So while one can claim that their practices are “based” in an ancient tradition, chances are, they’re very much misrepresentative of the original practices or traditions in their entirety.

Magic evolves. Of course we can’t pretend we are doing exactly the same thing as a Greek in the 1st century. But we can use the words and concepts they left us and determine what works. We can cobble together bits and pieces from numerous cultures and times, because magic has always been syncretic, and seek to find the common template that girds disparate practices. The key, as always, is to experiment, discarding what fails and building upon what is effective.

We happen to live in an extraordinary time in which the average person has unprecedented access to a wealth of information about practices from all over the world, from antiquity to the present. Hence the belief by many in the field that we are living through a true occult renaissance.