I did read your post.

OMG, a man playing ping pong with an alien? HIDE THE CHILDREN! And the painting has sexual graffiti on it—it is not part of the art, and is likely painted over (we have no idea how old that photo is). The “shut up and fuck” is also graffiti, and my kids have seen worse in a McDonalds bathroom. The “humans holding heads” is a piece of modern-ish art. The figures are holding heads, sure, but so what? It’s not gory or horrifying, it’s a piece of goddam art, and only someone seriously worked up by feverish speculation would look at that and get upset. My kids wouldn’t even bat an eye, nor would I.

I have no idea why pizza and hotdogs cost that much money, but again, why the fuck jump to PEDOPHILE SATANISTS? I would be more upset that food shouldn’t have cost that much and press for a more thorough accounting. My anger would be misappropriated funds. But that’s much more boring than thinking “expensive pizza and hot dogs must mean CHILD TRAFFICKING!

And I disagree that momentum is growing. Maybe in the cesspools of r/Donald and 4chan, but outside of the paranoid subgroups most people have realized this is an absurd, steaming pile of nonsense. You don’t open investigations of people because of their comments on Instagram—comments that might, in a few cases, show poor taste. You don’t open investigations of people because they have unthreatening modern art composed of figures holding heads. It’s beyond absurd that you think that’s worthy of an investigation into the bizarre accusations. I’m quite certain that if there was organized pedophile activity in a popular DC pizza restaurant SOMEONE would have noticed and blown the whistle.

But in the absence of a single shred of evidence that anything improper is taking place, no cop or detective would spend time looking into pizzagate based on what you, and others, have insisted is evidence of crime. And it won’t be investigated. But that will only result in cries of “coverup!” and this story, like so many other debunked conspiracies, will live on forever.

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