How Gamification Can Help Your Business

There is a lot of buzz lately on gamification and its benefits. But what is gamification how can it help your business?

Gamification is defined as the process of applying game elements, game mechanics and game thinking to non-game situations. There are a lot of businesses out there that are successfully using gamification techniques to enhance the user experience of their customers. Some of the most successful ones that come to mind are: Duolingo, CodeAcademy, Dominos, etc.

So, how can you start using gamification in your business? Here are the following steps to consider, when you decide how can you gamify (I guess this is a word now) a process for your business.

Define your Goal

Before starting to use gamification to your website, app, etc. you must identify what is your goal. Is it to increase user retention, get more subscribers or something else? It is really easy to get off track when you don’t have a clear goal in mind.

Decide Which Kind of Gamification to Use

Then you will need to decide which is the right kind of gamification to use for your company. There are two main kinds: Content and structural gamification. Content gamification is the application of game elements, game mechanics, and game thinking to alter content and making it more game like. Structural gamification on the other hand is formatting and distributing your content in a game like way. Decide which one is the best for you. Usually the right combination of both can yield the best results.

Think Like a Game Designer

When you have decided where you want to apply gamification in your business, you need to start planning how to do it. Thinking like a game designer is a great way to get started. Include game elements and mechanics like:
 — Competition
 — Cooperation
 — Points
 — Avatars
 — Levels
 — Leaderboards
 — Chance
 — Risk
 — Rules
 — Objectives
 — Stories
 — Mystery

To have a successful game you need a goal, rules and for it to be challenging for the players. Too easy and the players will be bored. Too hard and they will get frustrated and quit. Design your processes by integrating various elements and mechanics. And don’t forget to have a clear goal in mind.

Originally published at on October 1, 2016.