What I don’t get about hipster entrepreneurs.

How to not change the world.


I don’t get when hipsters say they “hated working for others” but then can’t wait to employ others to work for them.


I don’t get when hipsters set out to “change the world” but then come up with coffee, beer or socks.


Why do you want to do it alone?

Source of this non-sense: A documentary about anti-capitalism hipsters who started their own business. Asked about their mission they said they wanted to get rich…

Let’s give it some uplift.

First, I don’t think these entrepreneurs will get far unless they regard their ex-employers as anti-rolemodels and want to do it better instead.

Second, nothing wrong with a good espresso, but creativity and intelligence should be used to solve relevant problems.

Third, big problems are best solved in small groups. Why don’t we do it together?