AI, DeepFakes, and the End of Truth
Tony Aubé

“trusted media outlets like the New York Times and the Washington Post”. Wow. Just … wow. These “news” outlets are primarily “opinion editorial” with only minimal factual reporting, rated almost as poorly as MSNBC in this regard, and when Op-Ed is what people consider “trusted media”, then it is clear that artificial intelligence isn’t the problem, but rather a lack of natural intelligence among subscribers.

Not to mention that media-editing software is not even true artificial intelligence but mere static algorithms. True artificial intelligence involves not only learning, but also heuristics that produce an “educated guess” when perfect information is not available (which is quite often in reality, human intelligence relies extensively on heuristics as well). Voice imitation does not require this. But to be fair, people who actually have a degree in Computer Science generally have more important things to do than write Internet articles spreading undue paranoia about subjects they don’t understand. That’s the job of communications majors, which is the field most engineering and natural science students switch to when they realize they lack the logical capacity for their first pursuit. So it is hardly any surprise that most journalists are liberal.