LOL, Whut? Are you really trying to be the poster boy for the incoherent Drumpf follower?

Why do you assume I am a Trump follower simply because I condemn the violent madness displayed by these liberals? Realize that you are indirectly implying that Trump’s followers are champions of peace and tolerance.

Furthermore, it was the LIBERAL anti-Trump author who went into great detail recounting how terrifying the violence of these liberals was to behold, yet somehow convinced himself into believing that Trump incited their madness, making them blameless, because he cannot accept the ugly truth of liberalism that he just witnessed. Willful delusion is still delusion.

I am libertarian, not conservative, and like most rational Americans I only view Trump as the less horrible option in a binary decision. If you believe violence and obscenity is justified against those who merely hold a different view from your own, then your mental health is as poor as that of these protestors. Please get help before you become the next mass murderer.

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