Putting a Face to Healthcare Policy Decisions
Ashley Glenn

Well said, Ashley. You are dead-on.

On a similar line of thought, I am frustrated every time I hear Hillary Clinton try to attack Bernie Sanders for wanting to “start over” on the ACA; that the ACA is a wonderful achievement and we shouldn’t scrap it altogether. The thing is, that’s not what Bernie is suggesting; that’s what the Republicans are suggesting, as you indicated in your post. Bernie actually IS suggesting an alternative, and that alternative is a true single-payer system. “Medicare for All,” if you will. So I find Clinton’s attack to be disingenuous politics. If Bernie were elected president and if his healthcare plan (which you and others may or may not agree with) fails to be adopted, then we STILL would have the ACA as it is now. That wouldn’t be the case if the Republicans got their way on a straight repeal.

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