Why are populists winning online? Social media reinforces their anti-establishment message
The Brookings Institution

The two ways you say social media is slanted toward populism are just not based in fact.

  1. “there are no gatekeepers in social media who fact check information or help the public make sense of political events.”

Actually the entire point of social media is that anyone can serve as a gatekeeper.

2. “Additionally, social media challenges the meritocratic values of traditional media — on Twitter, pundits and experts do not enjoy an elevated platform.”

Twitter influence follows roughly the same distribution as wealth in America. Pundits and experts’ followings vastly outnumber and outreach normal citizens. Some experts are out-of-touch with social media, but that’s their own fault.

This article has ZERO hard data suggesting social media inherently slants toward helping populism — rather than other conclusions you might make from seeing populism win on social media, like (a) populist leaders are often more charismatic than old global elites and social media is slanted toward charismatic people, or (b) elites really are, frankly, corrupt and out of touch, or (c ) a lot of non-populist leaders are really bad at understanding technology and empowering those who do in their stodgy organizations, so their lagging behind is completely their own fault.

You should retitle it “A rant against populists who are effectively using Facebook and Youtube.”