Concerts and What They Mean For Music

Concerts are still the heartbeat reflection musical movements , as they mix fans, artist and critics all alike. where the only thing that matter is the music .

My shot of the O2 Academy Brixton, London.

As huge music fan one of my pet hates are the weird perception people have about concerts and what goes on at them. Concerts can be stuck in that awkward territory of being treated like a night out or going to watch a film. For me nothing beats seeing a live show in a small venue.

My Lucky 17th birthday gift

I have been going to concerts for a while and have made amazing experiences at a variety of shows. I had the luck of my 1st concert going to see my favourite rapper J Cole in a small 1,500 capacity Cardiff University Student Union. A show for his Cole World album tour before he really took of back in 2011. Concerts are really one of the few remaining things in music not to be artificially replaced by some online stream or Periscope video service. At concerts you really get to see how good artists truly are , see how they stand without the gimmicks or autotune edits.

Chance took it back to Acid Rap at the O2 Academy Brixton show

One of the few things that can’t be taken away by Technology

Concerts force people (literally) to socialize with fellow music fans, its hard being pressed up on someone and not instantly forget personal boundaries when that song drops.At concerts I have seen people of all ages,race and gender effortlessly mix among each other, just from mutual interest in the music. Last November I watched Chance The Rapper perform at the 02 Brixton Academy and it highlighted everything I love about shows. Chance engaged with crowd talking about The US election results, gave solos to his live band and playfully improved on tracks in between his set. I have had the pleasure of seeing artists like Kendrick Lamar, Action Bronson, Raleigh Ritchie and Flatbush Zombies all in the small Bristol 02 Academy arena. These performer not only shifted there performance to the size but took advantage of the intimate 2,500 capacity arena. I got to see Action walk and rap around the arena. Meechy Darko orchestrate and personally set of a mosh pit, and Kendrick go off beat to spit an acapella freestyle.

When the artist really engages with the crowd it makes the show that much better. I’ve been at shows were artists really let you know what songs they love most, test crowd knowledge and reluctancy play to encores. One of the best feelings at shows is being in that minority who still know all the words while older songs are being played . Artist can always recognize this and acknowledge those fans.

The man the myth, Action Bronson & Dj Alchemist on decks at O2 Academy Bristol.

Stop your expectations from stopping you

Concerts can be daunting fans especially if you’ve never been to one. Which is most fans find a reason not to go.My advice when going is to do whatever makes you feel comfortable, concerts give off an adrenaline which is set as soon as the main act steps on stage.You really don’t need to get so drunk that they next day your memory of the show is blurred.

Oh yeah your favourite rapper usually has a dope DJ

One of the best surprises at shows I have found is that 20–30 minute window after opening act and main act. Something like a DJ interlude, watching Tyler the Creator he had Taco DJing for him and he killed it just playing a variety of bangers from Chief Keef to Kendrick Lamar. Djs can lift an already buzzing atmosphere at shows, its no surprise back in the day in Hip Hop Djs were the stars. if your fan of Hip Hop/Rap like me, its dope being able to hear songs you only ever hear on your Spotify account in a live crowd.

Wildcards of opening acts

Reijje Snow opening for Action Bronson at O2 Academy Bristol.

Theres no better time to find out new artists then as opening acts, usually their slot is short and sweet. If they are good they leave you wanting more and if bad at least its short-lived. Opening acts are usually for upcoming artist, I have watched artist like Reijie Snow, Pro Era and A$AP Twelvy all open at shows. These artists’ rawness and developing stage presence offer a chance to really engage back with the artist. A good opening act can really serve as an ice breaker getting you in the mood for the show.


In a nutshell going to concerts you get to capture moments, the mood of the music and the movements its setting with fans. You would be an idiot to ever idly pass it up.