Speeding up the Progress of Freight Shipping — What to Do?

Dealing with the shipping process is a challenge for shippers. They need the packages to be delivered effectively and efficiently to the customers, and that too in the lowest possible price; because shipping costs significantly. If you go for the cheaper shipping option, you may not be able to get the customer getting back to you after getting a damaged item.

Keep in mind; it is not necessary that faster shipping will cost you more. As a shipper, you will need to take a number of things into consideration in order to ensure that your package is being delivered to your customer safely in a timely manner and that too in the lowest price possible.

Get quotes from appropriate companies only

The specialty of an LTL carrier may be different from other reputable company due to three major aspects the carrier would be qualified in; i.e. specialty in handling the type of products, area and ability to handle rush orders in that area. You will have to find the carrier that will be qualified in these aspects according your requirement. Finding a company with any of the above aspects not matching to your requirements will naturally cost you more.

Keep communicating

To ensure that the delivery of your product is not delayed and the cost is not unexpectedly increased, communicate with your LTL carrier. During the process of getting estimate, give complete details about the destination to the carrier. For instance, your carrier needs to know whether the package is being delivered to an office building or it’s an address of an apartment that is located on the seventh floor of a building with an out of order elevator. If your carrier personnel come across these problems with a surprise, you will get a bigger bill that would also be shocking for you.

Make sure that you are doing paperwork completely and neatly

Writing an incomplete address or writing it in haste on the bill of lading may force the carrier’s personnel to do some guesswork while printing the address. If that guesswork goes wrong, your package will be delivered at an entirely different address that might be located in a different city or even a different state. The returning process of that package will surely add huge amount of cost, enough to irritate you and make you regret for the moment you wrote address.

Make sure that package is secured

A package with items colliding with each other and with the walls of the box would not only be destined to getting damaged but it will also cause frustration for personnel dealing the package. Hence, you need to make sure that your package is well-secured with the help of a sturdy box and appropriate shipping supplies that keep an item safe and cushioned well in the box.