Can someone just love us already?

The struggles of being a nobody (With GIFs!)

Know what’s more painful than pulling teeth?

Stepping on a Lego, passing a kidney stone, and hitting your elbow on a white hot tire iron…

Oh, and trying to build an audience on YouTube.


Because you’re trying to create somebody from nobody.

I said don’t fucking try it, Larry.

Kim Kardashian can upload a photo of her cleaning her ears and get a million likes on Instagram.

If you try that, you’re going to get told that you’re an ugly troll.

Please don’t try it.

You can turn water into wine and lose a subscriber because you used your camera’s on board microphone.

It hurts on a deeply personal level when you have 600 friends on Facebook but get 20 views on a video.

It’s even more painful when your friend casually mentions how he doesn’t really use Twitter and only has, like, maaaybe 2,000 followers. But he totally hasn’t checked in like weeks.

You experience the stinging, bitter jealousy when your friend makes a video in one hour on her phone and it’s 100 times better than anything you’ve ever made.

That’s why I wrote this article.

Because I know wayyyy too many small YouTubers out there that know the struggle of being underrepresented.

So I decided to represent them.

(In case it wasn’t obvious already, you should check out each and every one of these hysterical and talented creators.)

6 Struggles Every Small YouTuber Knows All Too Well

When someone starts to leave a nice comment, but then asks you to sub4sub

Via The Sharifi Life

When they tell you to make trendy content, but like, what is trendy?

100 Layers of COLOR!!!! (Via HonestlyKaren)

When you work on a video for 18 hours and it gets 18 views

Via MEEEEEEEEE (#getthatpromo)

When you gain three subscribers in a day! And lose four overnight.

Via TheAceTV (and Everyday Alina)

When someone tells you “just be yourself” but like… there’s no market for all of… this.

Via ShelBris

When you unbox better than Casey Neistat, but still have 1,000 subs

Via PsychIRL

The Perks of Being Irrelevant

That’s not to say that having a small audience is all that bad.

We’re small, but we’re strong. There’s more love, passion, and enthusiasm in this community than any other I’ve been part of.

And someday, we’re not going to be so small anymore. Not all of us are going to make it as creators, but some of us will. And that’s worth dabbing for.

Via SimplyLesliee.

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