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Altered states of consciousness and happiness are two different things. One is provided by hallucinogenics, the other by opiates, cocaine, meth, etc.

Hallucinogenics are generally not addictive and there is no need for in-patient therapy. Opiates on the other hand are highly addictive, making it impossible to feel “happiness” without them. This is because they affect the “happiness” receptors in the brain, usually permanently, making it so that only opiates bring happiness. This is the reason for addiction and frequent relapse.

As far as rehabs intentionally making people relapse, that would be like accusing of doctors of intentionally making people sick so they keep coming back for more services. That is contrary to the principles of medicine, and yes, these rehabs are run by the medical profession.

If you don’t like medical rehabs try alternative treatments too, faith based, Asian practices, etc.

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