So You’ve Had a Bad Day? Here’s How To Recover

You’ve just had an argument with your spouse, your bank account is in minus, you’re overweight, you’re not getting any clients, you’re stressed out and overall you’re not where you want to be in life. I get it, believe me I’ve been there, heck why do you think I’m writing this post? But when we’ve had a series of bad things in our life, it is at this point we see what we’re really made of. Right? Well that’s what I used to think until I realised that you don’t need some huge pivotal breakthrough when life kicks you in the mouth.

I’ve cracked the code for how to bounce back quickly and enthusiastically when you’re in a negative state of mind and it all comes back to systems. Check out the 3 strategies I use to bounce back from a bad day.

Strategy 1 — Create an emergency playlist

You probably didn’t expect music to be my secret weapon but here me out. Every time I’ve been in a negative state of mind, listening to my favourite songs turns my bad mood around almost instantly. However I found that it has to be the right songs. This can’t be music that enhances your negative state. Think about your favourite songs that literally make you want to dance, scream or shout the moment you hear it.

At the moment for me, It’s Whitney Houston — I’m Every Women. Yes I’m a dude, and yes I’m in my mid 20s, and yes this is probably my mums favourite song as well. But there is just something about this track that creates positive emotions for me. I recommend you find the “I’m Every Woman” track for you.

But don’t stop at one song, spend time formulating a whole playlist that gets you going and save it to your phone, computer, tablet or whatever device and name it the “Emergency Playlist”. Then every time you get knocked down, bust out the playlist and turn your day around.

Strategy 2 — Clean

Often when life has gotten the best of us, our environment reflects the same. Another thing you can do to immediately change your mood is to clean. It doesn’t matter what you clean, just pick an area of your house, office space or car and get to it. Throwing out the trash feels like you’re throwing away the bad things in your life.

Strategy 3 — Combine cleaning with your emergency playlist

This is my secret weapon right here. The combination of cleaning and listening to your favourite music is an absolute winner. Your dancing, singing and cleaning. These positive activities take your mind off the stresses in your life and quite often it will kick you into gear to do something productive after the session.

Bounce back…right now!

So there are my secret strategies for recovering from a shitty day. It’s simple stuff but extremely effective. Are you feeling a bit down right now? Listen to your favourite uplifting tracks whilst your doing the laundry, then see how you feel afterwards.

Do you have any hacks on how to recover from a bad day? If so, share it in the comments below.

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