Making Food Behave!

Have you been to Ghana? If anybody asks you this question, there is a checklist of “scars” to prove. Visit Kakum Park where you have to cross the 7 bridges — a literal walk in the clouds. See Ghana.

Visit the monkey sanctuary, Cape Coast Castle, Elmina Castle, Wli and Boti waterfalls, Mole National Park and more. Now after seeing Ghana, “taste Ghana”. Enjoy Cocoa — the raw fruit. Eat chocolates. Your check list of proof is building up. We are almost there…

Some call it “Komi”, “Otim” and others call it “Dokunu”. It’s a corn meal that is ready after a tedious 3 day process to get it to “behave”. Enjoy Kenkey from Ghana (not just any kenkey will do — the #wellbehaved type) with shito, green pepper sauce, hake fish, red fish, tilapia, omelettes, sardines and more. There is a good reason why people say “I know where I buy my kenkey” — the truth is in the taste. There was a time in the Gold Coast (former name for Ghana) when people prepared kenkey properly. At Gold Coast Kenkey, our kenkey is “well behaved”.

Find out more at Gold Coast Kenkey (#wellbehaved) is located at Tantra Hill near Champion Divine Clinic. If you live in Achimota — delivery is free (Achimota only). Just call 0245638225. Locate us with Google Maps. Click Here