The Asian Holocaust Killed Twice As Many People As The Nazis Did

Who hasn’t heard of this? The Japanese eventually expanded their war by attacking Perl Harbor. The atrocities only ended after not one but two nuclear weapons were used (and even then some individuals still would not surrender). I do not like the Nazi apologist tone; the Nazi’s killed fewer POW’s than the Japanese (maybe), the Nazi’s did not like how the Japanese were behaving (irrelevant). The Nazi’s were brutal barbarians who built an industrial death machine that had no strategic or tactical war value: they weren’t even trying to terrorize for a political purpose but, rather, were murdering solely for the sake of killing. That makes the Nazi’s unique. Plenty of regimes commit war crimes but at least they have a strategic war goal. The Nazi’s, with their death camps, didn’t. Besides, they later formed an alliance with the Japanese they allegedly frowned upon, the fascists in Italy, the “Grand Mufti” leader of the Arabs, and a smattering of other disgusting historic figures.

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