Distorted Musings of a Little Sage

The Beginning

Life is a pulsating game of unending cycles. The idea of birth in itself already presents the notion of death. The beginning of a thing already introduces the idea of its ending. And so life rotates in this revolving trajectory governed by the supremacy of times and seasons through which we are required to attach meaning to existence.

On Significance

Emotions burst in us. Energy rises and subsides. Goals are set and overcame, with always newer ones coming to the fore. It’s amusing that even when our goals sometimes mean to accomplish anything other than extraordinary, we usually relish the breathtaking motions of moving towards an imperfectly defined target.

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With all these, we are bestowed with a life of ambiguous meanings and yet humongous clues. We feel saddled with this seemingly endless search for significance — that truer expression of our innate nature, that desire to express our unique individualistic proposition to the world. Our attempt to define life our own way.

Is significance really not just a mere quest to attempt the fabled ‘impossible’, that we often called for the sake of construct, ‘a dream’? Or is it just a novel desire to distinguish oneself amidst other heathen humans? We are driven by the aura of a palpable fleeting imagination, which to others is oftentimes seemingly traveling farther away almost a second after it was conceived. To us, it’s a vivid reality, more tangible than terrestrial life.

On Being Average

Life, how weird, sometimes lavishly seems to reward the simple, the little or no dreamer, who takes life as it comes, without the airy analysis of

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ascertaining what the future holds or of discovering what is hitherto possible today. It turns out that in the end, one may somewhat and miraculously so, be satisfied with just doing what is expected, as expected. This is true actually. It’s a version of the law of average.

The average man is usually satisfied with blending in than with stepping out. He may never experience the glittering fear that comes with risk-taking, the harrowing pain of loss that comes with narrowly missed opportunities, or the disappointing envy of friends that comes with being a distinguished success. He is confined to being like everyone else, and so whether he fails or succeeds, he is constantly consoled by the very fact that he will always have ‘companions.’ He will never be alone.

Alternatively, the moment man begins to reach beyond the expected, he begins to set himself apart, in my opinion, for true greatness, for true significance, for which, however, is usually provided no guarantee of future outcome.

There is a lesson in life — with great dreams come great risks, and usually equally greater rewards. However, never stare merely at the rewards. You must keep your gaze on both ends of the stick. Totally ignoring the risks of daring self-expression, of attaining a specially unique feat, will oftentimes make the significantly glorious other unattainable.

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Faith and Dreams…and Providence

However, if man has inward assurance of faith in his dreams, and dares to be disciplined enough. If man possesses that action-backed faith, though small as mustard seed, and is as resolute as flint. If man will dare to stay true, he will be greatly rewarded. That wild mountain river will surely reach steady sea.

For life itself knows that it will take people of great will, courage, and purpose to discredit ageless myths of fabled fables, and establish new realities of unknown possibilities. That it will take people of great abilities, developed by a lifetime of disciplined and purposeful endeavour, to open up a new world of fresh undiluted truths of new reality, for which mankind will suddenly discover it could no longer wait to behold when it finally arrives.

On Human Legacy

At some point, it will turn out that one will make oneself happier by spending more time with one’s family and pouring the rest of one’s energy into developing other people. That time eventually comes when man becomes wiser. Wiser enough to discover that there are more dreams than only him could accomplish. That there are more lofty aims than only him could attain. That even multiple lifetimes might never be sufficient. That the owner of the universe was much wiser to create those cycles of beginnings and endings. Finally, that it is only wise to take advantage of replicating one’s dreams in other people, in one’s children and dream protégés, before time says too late.

W.E.B. Du Bois was the first African American scholar at Harvard University. Photocredit: quoteHD.com

Paraphrasing the words from W.E.B. Dubois, ‘lest the Worst of our race destroy the Best of our kindred’ alongside its Masses. For the Mass keenly hopes for the renaissance of the Best of its kind to save mankind from the contamination and destruction of the Worst. It’s tragic that we are at war — the Worst of our race routinely engages in diverse warfares with the Best and the Mass of our kindred.

When we individually determine not to represent that Worst, we can afterward decide it’s probably easy to belong to the hoping Masses. However, it is when we discover purpose and aim to live truly that we would probably find that our calling is to belong to the Best, called to create a better future for their generation and those coming afterward.

Finding Meaning…

All said and done, my buddy friend, be mindful of this: life does not consist only of the accomplishment of goals. Without the grandeur of lofty dreams, there has and there will always be buoyant life. While moving unflinchingly towards his high aims, man should enjoy the passing times of the un-recallable moments of the life that he now has. Life itself is bigger than goals, and in this little sage’s guess, it oftentimes pays little attention to how much we are yet to accomplish. For lifetime ticks away like the grandfather clock, telling the time unfazed by the youthfulness or otherwise of the face beholding it.

Even if we attain unparalleled dreams, life might sometimes feel meaningless, if we do not seize the opportunities to create those special, occasional moments of memories of relished enjoyment. For a full life is remembered not only for goals and dreams, but also for smiles, laughs, and pleasures — of times spent creating pleasant, unforgettable memories, with friends, family, and acquaintances.

“He has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often, and loved much, who has gained the respect of intelligent men and the love of little children, who has filled his niche and accomplished his task, who has left the world better than he found it, whether by an improved poppy, a perfect poem, or a rescued soul, who has never lacked appreciation of earth’s beauties, nor failed to express it, who has always looked for the best in others and given the best he had, whose life is an inspiration, whose memory a benediction.” — Robert Louis Stevenson.
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Dedicated to the loving memory of Seun Oyelami. You were a dear friend and brother. From San Jose CA to Lagos NG, the stories of positive impact remain the same. Words alone cannot express how much we continue to miss you. To us, it remains a fallacy that anyone is replaceable. Your life of impact will continue to live on in our hearts.

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