My Aspiration for Africa!


I believe in an Africa of realized potentials. An Africa where people are not forced to cut their dreams to the size of their environment. An Africa where hope is renewed and purposeful strength unleashed. An Africa where opportunities are unlocked for vast majority of Africans!

What I see is a One United Africa, where our differences unify us and not divide us. An Africa where, as Africans, we recognize that our common enemy has never been our diversity. For we all fight similar battles. We all, in similar fashion, are fighting against entrenched poverty, a sometimes overwhelming hopelessness, or a paralyzing uncertain feeling about the future.

However, like all of Africans should, I have chosen to believe in an Africa that provides Hope for its Young and Fulfillment for its Old. An Africa that Develops its Leaders through Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. An Education that encourages independence of thought. An Innovative mind that imbues the creative ability to nurture to actualization a more desirable future of tomorrow, from the limited opportunities and resources of today. An Entrepreneurial heart that instills a relentless desire to pursue a dream and see it to fruition, against known odds!

Nelson Mandela | photocredit:
| “I have chosen to believe in that one united and prosperous Africa whose Economic Growth is both Inclusive and Local.” |

I believe in a tolerant Africa that accepts its diversity as reason for mutual respect. An Africa that respects the wishes of its old and the yearnings of the young. An Africa of accountable leaders, who are NOT constantly referred to as rulers!

My prosperous Africa is one where education is a true human right. Where opportunity is equal. Where government is prudent and proactive, and politicians are genuine leaders. Where energy and healthcare is accessible and affordable. Where infrastructure is sufficiently modernized and not ‘ultramodern’ fallacies. Where roads function as efficient mobility systems, and not also as human traps. An Africa where cities and societies are meaningfully nurturing.

I envision a one united and prosperous Africa. Not one where meritocracy is sacrificed on the alter of favouritism. Not one where tribalism and xenophobia is order of day. Not one besieged with civil wars and power struggles. Not one where hate is lingua franca and corruption is medium of exchange. I aspire for an Africa where cross-border trade is the engine that delivers its growth, and the fuel that powers its development.

Obafemi Awolowo — often called the Political Colossus, the best President Nigeria never had | photocredit:

Africans must believe in Africa. Africans need to believe in other Africans. Africans need to realize that Africa is at the threshold of history; that Africa is indeed the next development frontier; and that it is Africa’s time to catch on along with the rest of the world. Today, this moment, is grand for Africa’s future. The rest of the world finally took notice. Not only that, even in the face of unpredictable economic and political cycles, others have often shown more courage in their willingness to bet on Africa’s future than a lot of Africans have.

In this moment we have a responsibility not to allow our past — our history of colonialism, of apartheid, of civil wars, of tribalism, of corruption, of poverty, and of inequality — to once again stop us in our tracks, from attaining the glory days that stands before us, and that we are much ever closer to beholding.

I believe in an Africa for all Africans. I believe that a ‘one, united and prosperous Africa’ will need to be built by All Africans! I have chosen to believe in that Africa whose Economic Growth is both Inclusive and Local.

Africa yet rises…!

@InspireGr8tness | In commemoration of Nigeria’s 56th Independence Anniversary.

First published on LinkedIn