Any project of decentralized finance, which includes the cryptocurrencies is expected to function independently from any form of third party. Transactions on any digital Platform should be void of government, physical financial institutions and human intrusion,yet there is a need for an intermediary to avoid reckless spending.

One of the various solutions to this or actors is encryptions and a decentralized means of transportation where there is no central control of activities to be sure there is apt security of transactions on the crypto ecosystem, which is the proponent of introducing Terra credit


Before buttressing what Terra credit is about, it’s important to throw some light on what credit is. Credit is a cryptocurrency that intends to be a decentralized digital legal tender serving as a solution to the global physical banking problems.

The Terra foundation has created a credit in order to facilitate quick and feeless blockchain powered transactions, the platform adopts a POS initiative, availing individuals the opportunity to produce their own blockchains. They producers by this blocks encourage the growth of the terra community and are incentivized with the latest coins for their contribution.


The terra community through the introduction and adoption of Terra credit is aimed at electing its asset worth to reach the height Bitcoin had attained in recent times. Hence, the platform has been able to point out the strength that will facilitate the growth of cryptocurrencies and massive influx into the system.

Terra credit was designed with the capacity to render sustainable, trustworthy, UI,safe, reliable services and lots more on the cryptocurrency ecosystem. No one is new to the fact that cryptocurrencies are designed for human advantage, to improve and facilitate transaction processes and offer a better living standard, with Terra credit, individuals can seamlessly harness and enjoy the benefits of cryptocurrencies.


The credit was created to serve as a medium of exchange and payments for transactions on digital Platforms. Moreso, there are other numerous purposes for which it is designed to serve, the credit functions as:

A Well Known Digital Assets

The Terra credit fulfils all the requirements of being a cryptocurrency. First it is a blockchain backed cryptocurrency run in a decentralized pattern, in addition to these, it encourages and facilitates better transactions and user experience on the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

As opposed to many assets on the crypto community, credit provides feeless transactions and carries them out within split seconds, it also enables simple blockchain usage and is enabled by individual owned devices. The credit proposes to be the best payment medium as well as a valuable asset to be traded on various exchange markets.

A Means Of Exchange
 One of the major concerns in the creation of credit was general acceptance as a means of exchange and payment for transactions on the global market which is also likened to other cryptocurrencies. It's no news that the acceptance and usage of cryptocurrencies is on the rise, also the terra community are committed to see that there is rapid increase in the adoption and usage of the credit making it user friendly and enabling individuals to benefit from it.

A preference to Physical Money

The credit is seen to be a better substitute to physical cash, this is because it makes transactions seamless, quick and borderless just with the use of digital devices at one's convenience.

The use of credit will facilitate the use of credit to acquire different goods and services on a user to user basis. Individuals on the crypto Platforms are urged to transact with the credit due to it’s safe, trustworthy, reliable and worth as opposed to other currencies which could be risky.

An Instruments For Long-term Investments

There is massive profit for individuals involved in long-term investment by storing up their credit assets in their digital wallets. In a matter of time, individual's assets are staked and they merit some benefits via the new coins for their contribution to the platform.

A Global Means Of Transaction

One outstanding feature of cryptocurrencies is that they are borderless, they are not restricted by any form of geographical location. Same applies to credit, not only can it be used for transactions in any part of the globe,it is relatively fast with no charges at all.

 The terra foundation presents Credit, a new means of global transaction, that is not just an alternative to cash, rewards long-term investors and grants users entrance and better knowledge on the use of cryptocurrencies by providing fast, reliable,safe, borderless and feeless transactions. Digital transactions made simple with Terra Credit.







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content developer, a crypto lover and an OAP

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Michael Favour

Michael Favour

content developer, a crypto lover and an OAP

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