Misconception or What??

photo credit: quotefancy

I sat on the floor outside my home with a margin of 10cm bottom of the left window to my room, with the twist feeling of the environment as I’m enjoying the night cool breeze and deeply pondering on the circumstance I found myself today. I still couldn’t believe it, it happened so fast that in the less than an hour, I lost $400(that’s a lot of money in my country) I’ve been asking myself some questions, some which are negatively stupid and some, to an extent positive.

Now, the story to me is somehow bizarre, there are indeed online fraudsters, but I didn’t literally believe that I couldn’t fall a victim, someone of my caliber so I thought. Once again, shits happen to anybody. They played on my emotional intelligence.

I have a friend that I have known for 4 years now since my undergraduate studies in one of the notorious Nigerian universities. She’s the closet female friend I ever have in my undergraduate days, and overtime I’ve developed real feelings for hers and had even let her know about it and she fit in the picture of the future — and that was my weak spot.

Couple of times we do communicate via mail, topics includes interviews, job opportunities, course work etc. Seeing any requests coming from her in what ever form, be it mail or otherwise is something I can’t hesitate to respond, and today was the Lord has made both for me and the hackers, my friend’s account was hacked, they saw the weakness from our conversation and they exploited me, and Lo and behold I fell a victim. A mail from my supposed-friend came in, quite late in the night requesting for a help which is sudden, and I was like ‘ hey, this is my friend, whom I love so much and she’s in trouble, mehn I gotta help, I gotta be the hero here, the superman saving her world’ — but I was wrong, I was such a fool, I obliged to the request from the mail, thinking that my love will be happy but boom, my money was gone, $400 disappeared from my account in a twinkle of an eye. Meanwhile, in the midst of processing the transaction, something was not right and it was raging on the inside but I ignored it I told myself she promised to pay back, right? And she’s my friend, so let’s do this.

After sometime, it’s now dawn, I got a message from her, from the same mail that I should ignore all those messages, that it wasn’t from her — What?? She said she has received a call about her mail and that was the time she decided to check. Her account has been hacked. How could I be such a fool, why now, why me.

Immediately, I rushed to the bank they said they can’t do anything, I was shattered. I sent a mail to both customer care of the banks involved. Later, a call came in from my bank customer care unit that the money has been withdrawn so they can’t do anything about it and then I don’t need anybody to tell me that this is my nightmare. How could I be such a fool, is that what love can do? You can leap a hole without looking. I still can’t figure it out , could it be love or obsession that led to my Waterloo. How could I have taken such decision without thinking nor ask questions. I still can’t believe this is me, shit happens and today it got so real, I don’t need to be 40 before I become a fool, I am one today at 23. I have now developed an allergy to some names, the names in the mail. it’s really kicking me hard.

But I have decided not to be Ethan Ricks in “The Woman in the fifth” who decided to go down with the evil facing his life. I will pick up the pieces and move on, such is life, full of lessons, full of mysteries and in my diary I jotted down my own lesson today. In all things, I will only say it can only get better.
Thanks for reading.