Dare to Impeach

James Comey never had a chance. His abrupt termination was yesterday’s news the next day. As the POTUS seem to be doing all he can to make America bad, treasonous, untrustworthy, civilly disobedient, and generally seen as a crazy evil superpower, core Republicans try to play house. I hear they a losing their patience with Don.

Evidently Trump, as a businessman, trod a thin line between his world and the one of litigation. He skirted it as a combination con-man and modern day Al Capone. Mob bosses don’t aspire to the highest political office in America though. There are some similarities, some common threads private citizens pull. Capone went down for tax evasion. Trump has paid the least amount of taxes legally permissible. He refuses to release his returns, so no one can know exactly how much he’s dodged. Now he has put himself in a position to reap millions from foreign investors in America. He is conducting business, buying, selling, trading, subletting, real estate, wile he is president. No middle man. He is the house. No lucky men in the casino.

Not divesting business holdings
Violation of emoluments clause by accepting money from foreign governments
Obstruction of justice

If I follow correctly, these are the items on which impeachment will be based. It always seems to be Senator John McCain who is the first domino to fall in the Republican line. It is shy of four month but seems like a year that the circus has been in the White House. It must be drawn to scale — like global warming — to accurately judge the Republican meltdown, the surfacing of their sense of morality, submarined by a man they ultimately see as an idiot who is useful to the party base.

From the beginning, that day in January when massive crowds flooded Pennsylvania Avenue to glimpse the new Don, personal wealth and business were not cleanly and completely put aside. He vowed to not take the salary of the office of president. He said he’d put his business ties in a “blind trust.” He said his sons will run the business. It is customary to do so, to divest, but not legally required. So, as he has for decades in civilian life, he found a loophole as POTUS. In theory the trust is blind, but Trump is far from blind to his assets or holdings.

Trump has towers. He is building towers “in IstanbUl I have a tower. It is two, not the usual one.” Forget the Freudian hallway this echoes, it is riddled with conflicts of interest. Internationally people are staying at his hotels. Heads of countries come here to jimmy intelligence out of Trump and stay at his hotels. The president of India comes to the US. He stays at a Trump hotel to curry favor with him. Emoluments breeches are committed each time this happens.

Obstruction of justice speaks for itself. What if he is doing showy, poorly thought-out stunts, like striking not 60, but 59 missals at Syria in part to divert focus on the Russia investigation, thinking if Putin retaliates it will be lost in the shuffle? Firing Yates was a nail in obstruction’s coffin. Shades of The Apprentice. Not playing the game correctly — you’re fired. And Comey, the noble FBI director who was the opposite of a G. Liddy, desperately searched for the truth in an insane asylum. Firing your investigator — its impediment to justice is redundant.

Sharing classified secrets with the Russians, the ones who send spies here to get intelligence, is likely the most treasonous thing an American can do. With the era of Reagan, Gorby, Glasnost and the tearing down of walls still not ancient history, Trump brags, bolsters what little of history — theirs and ours — and becomes the WH snitch. He puts the country he pledged, with his stupid red hats, to make great again at mortal risk. News travels much, much faster today than it did when Nixon and Kissinger were trading secrets for a war on the other side of the world. America will not be trusted with intelligence that can thwart another 9/11 situation.

I think the jig is up, we saw the last straws in recent days. Democrats, for the most part, were there long ago. Republicans see now that he is too dangerous and, if left to himself, could do irreparable damage to America. In short, there would be no political base. There would not be a government to politicize, and investigations and the arc of the money’s trajectory, the long arms of corruption would be permanently disabled. No Republican wants that. So, when you see McConnell’s blow-fish facade stuck with a pin, impeachment proceedings are in the cards. Let us pray.

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