How about the corporations that get subsidized by the government (ie, they don’t pay taxes AND get…
cecilia fx

I got to say I love corporations. In exchange for his labors, they provided a career for my dad and a comfortable retirement for my parents. They provided healthcare for my parents and for us kids until we got out on our own. They have provided just about everything I own to include my houses, cars, computers, phones, food, clothing, medicines, healthcare equipment and on and on. By investing in corporations over my working career I have been able to become financially secure. They have built the roads and infrastructure that made our country great and they developed the weapons systems that have allowed our military to keep our country free.

You do realize that additional taxes on corporations will lead to higher cost for consumers and/or lower benefits for employees and/or fewer jobs and/or less capital from investors? That won’t work out well for anyone.

You should wake up every morning thanking God you live in a capitalistic country chalked full of corporations.

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