One doesn’t mean to be offensive, but this is a time when my tribe is convinced that your tribe is…
Karen Ferguson

No. It is about allowing individuals the right to self protection. Two days ago I was at my son’s college freshmen orientation. The school prohibits all weapons by students, a policy they advertise early and often. I asked if it was permissible for an on campus student to store guns and ammo in their on campus vehicle. The audiance busted out laughing on hearing the question. That was followed by the sound of their jaws hitting the floor when the campus police representative stated that was perfectly legal and allowed. I knew the law, the police knew the law and now those in the audiance know the law despite the school’s attempt to bury it. You’re welcome!

After the orientation I paid a visit to the campus police for followup questions. The school even prohibits students from having pepper spray, a rule the police will not enforce. In fact, their website recommends women carry a rape whistle and pepper spray.

By law, the school must allow open and concealed carry outside of buildings but prohibits students and staff from doing so. The police stated if someone is determined to be carrying in a building, they will ask them to leave and arrest them for trespassing if they don’t. That’s certainly doable.

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