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What???? You are a white male and your not wealthy? Obviously someone forgot to teach you the secret white privilage handshake.

Bahahahahahaha! You crack me up, dude, but thanks for illuminating my point.

No, it is you who is stupid beyond compare. The boogieman is everywhere in your mind. Your position reminds me of the picture of the horse who can’t move because he is tied to a plastic lawn chair. Your privilage boogieman is a figment of your immagination.

Where is my white privilage? My Dad grew up dirt poor and was a gas station attendant. He improved his lot, without ever attending college, just like anyone else can do. I worked my way through college, a college that had special acceptance goals for every race and gender but mine. I then served in the military, an institution that had special entry and advancement goals for every race and gender but mine. Again, I have some white privilage via Social Security but that is a trash program that holds people down economically. I am forever grateful I was able to opt out of making any more payments. No sense in throwing good money after bad.

Yes, I have a family of six because I have adopted minority, special needs children. You fucking liberals have no problem killing these children in the womb via dismemberment. You want these minorities dead while I am providing them a loving home and family. I am increasing the minority population in the United States. You’re welcome.

Every house I have ever bought had neighbors of every stripe. Any investment I have ever made was publically available to all. The banks never asked about my race but they were very intetested in my credit score.

Every forclosure I ever saw was because the individual could not make payments, race independent. They had no reserve to ride out the storm. Every financial education book worth its salt always states to build a reserve first, perhaps second if life insurance is needed. I still remember the sub prime mortgage commercial that had zero down, no real credit worthiness standard and a 125% mortgage amount. They touted you could get a house and two new motorcycles under the same zero down loan. Suckers of every race went backrupt due their complete ignorance of all things financial. Again, a fool and their money are soon separated.

The reason I haven’t paid federal income tax is that my taxable income is realitively low due to deductions and credits available to all, regardless of race/gender. Child tax credits, mortgage deductions, exemptions for children, charitable deductions. None of these are exclusive to whites or males. Which ones do you want to eliminate? A tiny percentage of my income is investment income and the reduced rate is available to everyone. I checked last year’s return. Even if my investment income was taxed as ordinary income, I still would not have owed any federal income tax. However, business friendly tax policies are good for all. My investments into the economy provides capital for more jobs. You are once again welcome.

You are still confusing wealth with financial security. Being wealthy is a subjective term. Show me any article where $100,000 a year is not middle class.

I will confess I have privilage due to being a veteran. I get retirement pay, disability compensation, inexpensive healthcare, education benefits for my kids and tax breaks, just to name few. We veterans would like to thank you, the taxpayer, for funding this privilage.

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