Michael P Ashley
Mar 16, 2016 · 2 min read

The Theory of Content Radiation

I’ve been working on a theory lately and it is manifesting itself as a startup company. This is usually how it goes for me… theory, test, discard. But sometimes the theory sticks around for a while.

The theory of content radiation is sticking around and it seems I’m not the only one who thinks it might be valid. But to test my theory I’ve had to make some irrational decisions and build some things that don’t scale.

One thing I love about freedom is the ability to do irrational things… things that don’t scale, things that could get you killed. Free will. I love it because the reward is more freedom. I guess you could say the cost of security is that same freedom. It’s not an easy transaction.

Still, I’ve made my choice and I’m happy about it. Somehow I’ve talked two other people into joining me as co-founders, so they must be slightly crazy, too. But together we make up a pretty amazing “Dream Team.”

So, back to the theory of content radiation. Basically it goes like this: Content must be heated up to a specific temperature before it can go radioactive. But once it starts radiating you can measure the level of activity as a leading indicator for sales revenue per head.

Ok, I mixed a little science fiction in with enterprise sales 101. Everyone knows that activity is a leading indicator for sales revenue per head. But what we’ve done is created a formula for generating content, heating it up to the critical temperature and then Radi8ing it out through your sales and marketing teams.

So far the theory seems to be holding true. But we are still conducting experiments and looking for companies to prove us wrong. It may be the theory breaks down in smaller companies, or maybe even in massive companies.

I’ll let you know more as we conclude our next batch of pilot programs. And if you’re interested in testing my theory or if you think you can prove me wrong, please reach out! Until then, Radi8.

Michael P Ashley

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Revolution Innovation Solution Evolution

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