The One Funnel Away Challenge, And Why You Should Take It!

Hey entrepreneurs, today I’m going to walk you through the one funnel away challenge.

Maybe right now, you are in a job and wants to get into the internet marketing world, or perhaps you are an entrepreneur who just wants to succeed online.

Well, no matter who you are, one funnel away challenge in a nutshell is going to hold you by your hand while you create your first funnel and carve your path to online success.

One of the first things I generally look for when I start using a new piece of software such as Clickfunnels, is I look for a solid training or course so I can maximise my use of the software.

However when I looked for Clickfunnels training, I was surprised to find that there was hardly anything good on offer. That is until the One Funnel Away challenge came out.

Before we move on, there are affiliate links in this post, however I have personally purchased it myself and do believe in the training. Even if you’re not a Clickfunnels user, you will still get a ton of value from it!

Russell Brunson talks about the OFA challenge.

What Is The One Funnel Away Challenge?

It’s basically 30 days of career building challenge (more like a training) in which you will be encouraged and guided every single day to perform a specific task that will hopefully improve your online business.

The training is provided by three well-known figures in Internet marketing and dropshipping business. Russell Brunson, Stephen Larsen, and Julie Stoian. You can see the official website here.

A screenshot of the One Funnel Away dashboard, and a sample of the courses

Now let’s talk a bit about your coaches. Russell Brunson is the main figure behind Clickfunnels and various marketing courses.

In case you don’t know what Clickfunnels is, it’s an online sales funnel software that allows you to build sales pages, squeeze pages, thank you pages, etc. with inbuilt drag-and-drop page builder. You don’t need to have any knowledge in programming or designing, and in case you don’t have any idea of creating a starter template, you can choose from dozens of prebuilt designs.

The second coach is Julie Stoian, who is a seven-figure Internet marketer herself and, in her videos, she usually covers the how part of the 30 days challenge. See has quite an entertaining as well as authoritative tone and it really helps in understanding her videos. She goes step-by-step explaining you the process of implementing any strategy that Russell Brunson has talked about in the previous video.

The final coach is a Stephen Larsen, who will handle the live group calls and is going to be your accountability coach.

Why Should You Take the One Funnel Away Challenge?

The main objective of the one funnel away challenge is to give your business a head start so that you can start generating sales and revenue within 30 days of taking this challenge. This of it as the best Clickfunnels Training.

You might not believe me, but generating sales online is actually quite easy and can be described in three simple steps:

1. Generating targeted traffic to your sales page.

2. Conversion optimized content that helps to build trust, emotion, and belief in you, your product, or any strategy.

3. A quality product/service that is irresistible to pass by.

If even after having an online business, you aren’t generating any sales, you are either ignoring or simply lack knowledge in one of the before mentioned steps.

This is where one funnel away challenge comes to your rescue. In this 30-days challenge, Russell, along with his team, will guide you through both basic and advanced strategies that will help you build a successful online career.

What Will You Will Learn in The Challenge?

The course is divided into multiple weeks, which can be considered as individual modules. In each of these modules, you will learn a specific strategy and a detailed step by step guide to help you implement them.

Week 1: Offer Hacking

In this week module, you will learn about creating offers for your potential customers. You have to understand that people will only invest their money on a specific product if the perceived value is higher than the product’s price.

In your first week, you will learn to perform research and create an irresistible offer for your website visitors or readers. An offer that will make them purchase your product or a product through your affiliate link. The strategy is quite simple. If you are promoting or selling a product for $100, you will want to offer your customer with $500 or $1000 freebies. Anyone in their right mind won’t miss the deal (if your freebies are really good).

Week 2: Storytelling

No one is going to invest in your product or service unless they can connect their financial situation or personal life with it. You will have to show your potential customers various ways in which your product can bring in a massive change in their life.

Then you will have to build a relationship, a sense of trust and believe between you and your visitor. You must understand that people won’t invest their hard-earned money unless you, through your storytelling, persuade them to take action.

Week 3: Sales Funnel Building

So, by now you already have your freebie, your story and now it’s time for you to build a sales funnel. In case you don’t know what, a funnel is, in marketing, a funnel basically outlines the steps which your customer will take before completing any purchase.

The funnel has its importance in marketing because it helps to delineate the customer’s behavior throughout the journey before they make any purchase.

For any business, customer’s information is of utmost importance as it helps them to understand what their customer like or dislike. This helps them to optimize their funnel, sales page, product, or service for better conversion. Overall, funnel helps in highlighting the areas which require improvements, thus helping businesses create a better performing marketing campaign.

Sales funnel can be considered as the process of identifying potential prospects and turning them into your customers who are willing to pay for your product or service.

Week 4: Traffic Generation

The one and the most crucial component of any online business is targeted traffic. You might have the world’s most magnificent store or website, and you might have invested hundreds and even thousands on site performance optimization, conversion optimization, graphics, videos, and whatnot. But, without visitors, you won’t make a single dime on, and that’s the harsh reality.

What’s the use of the professional website when no one is coming to look at it and trust me no one is going to just jump out of the bush and land onto your site. You need to implement various strategies, both free and paid to build an audience.

The week four module is all about traffic generation, and Russell Bernson along with Julie Stoian, will discuss every effective strategy to drive traffic to your funnel and help your business get its first few sales.

What Do You Get When You Join This Challenge?

Here is everything you get with the challenge kit!

1. You get access to 30 days of coaching from Steve and Julie. Furthermore, you also get life coaching calls with Steve’s funnel away challenges.

2. You also get access to 20 days of coaching from Russell Brunson.

3. The challenge workbook.

4. A fully loaded MP3 player so that you can listen to the course while you are away from your system.

5. 30 days dot com book with 550 pages of hardcopy. (This sells for $100 on its own)

6. 30 days access to interviews series of virtual summit videos.

7. A customized funnel away challenges kit.

Generally the kit will ship to you in around a week or two if you’re in the USA, however if you’re elsewhere it can take up to a month. You DON’T need to have to kit to do the challenge!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below and I’ll do my best to help you out!

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