God Forgive Me

You are Lord

Why do I feel like You aren’t hearing me?

Why do I sin against Your true sovereignty?

Jesus I feel like I’ve lost a lot,

I give the impression I’m good but really I’m not,

I’m imperfect, or else why’d You have to die?

I’m not worthy, yet from the grave You did rise,

God I feel like I’ve committed an unpardonable sin,

Ignoring the Spirit and lusting yet again,

I still have hope that You still love me,

And I hope I will be in Your Kingdom when I come to meet Thee,

God why do I struggle with this addiction of mine?

And why do You forgive me time after time?

Your mercy is unmatched and for that I an grateful,

You are my Lord and Savior and for Your love I am thankful,

Reignite my flame for You,

Although I’m not worried Lord Jesus, because you always do,

I feel you again, I’m forgiven again,

Help me to fight, and to start to win,

Because God You are greater than my addiction,

Fill me up with more and more conviction.