Honesty is the Best Policy: Why Conversion Pixels are a really big deal for business owners.

When I was working for my dad at Royal Motors, the owner used to give him a marketing budget of hundreds of thousands of dollars to run bus ads and billboards across San Francisco.

The problem with billboards, newspaper ads, radio, bus ads, etc. etc. etc. is we really don’t know if they work (well or at all).

Our CBS rep would always come back and ask, “how has the foot traffic been?” And preach that 10’s of thousands of people were seeing the billboards daily, and take attribution for “any” spike in sales. Which, of course, felt like bullshit (and was).

This is a poor way to measure the efficiency of an ad campaign. Billboards, or any form of traditional advertising, can be simply bucketed bucketed, at best, as potentially brand building. Unless you are Apple, you shouldn’t waste a penny on any traditional format. Why? Businesses need something that provides more than brand awareness. They need measurable return on their investment.

The root problem with traditional advertising is that the impact is incredibly hard to measure.

In today’s world, digital advertising has pushed a new wave of measurement far past impressions or clicks. The holy grail of, “did they buy because of this ad?” is finally answered for online businesses.

This gives business owners actual clarity of how much return they made on their ad spend:

Sales ($100) — Ad spend ($10) = Return on Ad spend (of $90)

Guessing the effectiveness of an ad campaign is gone. Numbers don’t lie.

Businesses no longer have to be in the dark.

Facebook now allows for businesses to create pixels, and when placed in the correct spot, they will actually help you understand if the ad is the reason you made a sale. It is able to track the FB user all they way from clicking the ad, to successfully checking out.

At Kit, we’ve always been focused on creating “someone” who will do the heavy lifting, give businesses the best chance and the talent they need to succeed. We are excited to share that pixel generating, placing and reporting are the latest skill set at Kit.

It is important for 2 reasons:

  1. Are the ads really working, and helping businesses make money?
  2. Is Kit doing a good job, and helping businesses make money?

Conversion pixels will keep us honest, as we challenge ourselves to always be able to answer, “yes”.

It’s still early, but after months of testing we are seeing phenomenal results.

Return on ad spend: Sales-Ad spend= Return on Ad spend
Return on ad spend: Sales-Ad spend= Return on Ad spend
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