Achieving Excellence

Let’s first define excellence. The quality of being outstanding or extremely good. Synonyms are: distinction, quality, superiority, brilliance, greatness, merit and caliber. Sounds achievable?

First we must know one key factor,

Excellence is a choice not a circumstance.

We are not defined by our circumstances! People will tell you every day, well I was raised poor or my parents beat me or whatever. I am NOT saying these things do not influence you. But they do not define you. The choices you make define you. They define your character. Paul wrote many of his letters to the churches he supported from a prison cell. In many of his letters he speaks of the joy he has and contentment he has found in prison! He was in prison and had joy! You may very well of had a bad upbringing or raised dirt poor like I was. However once you become an adult your circumstances now fall on you. You have two choices. Live the way you were raised or make a change! My suggestion would be to make a change. Be extraordinary! Anyone can be ordinary. Exceptional people aren’t ordinary. I see and hear too many people living in their past or just plain flat out living in the past. The past is gone. It cannot be changed or manipulated. So why dwell on it. Why not try to blaze a trail to create a new future? Define who you will be.

The people you read about that have made a name for themselves don’t dwell on their past or the past. They dream big, set goals and do everything in their power to accomplish the goals. This requires work. And i could get on a soapbox about that too. The government was created to defend its citizens not be a source of financial support. Yes I do realize that people have struggles and some people just physically cannot support themselves. This is where Church and charity come into play. They are they to support the distraught and physically inable. But the real problem is our government has made it too easy to do nothing. Ok stepping off the soap box. So back to what I was saying. Excellence requires work. Exceptional people work hard. They also are well educated (and I’m not talking about grammar school and beyond) I’m talking about self education, reading. The top CEO’ s and business leaders in this country read books. And a lot of them. And it can’t stop at reading. Application is the key. Read and apply.

Association is another key. Who you associate with is who you will become. If you hang out with criminals likely chance you will become one. Spend time with millionaires and you may not necessarily become one but I guarantee you will learn some things that will get you headed in that direction. Millionaires don’t typically associate with criminals and vice versa. Associate with people that will have a positive influence in your life.

So I will restate it, just in case you’ve forgotten Excellence is a choice not a circumstance. Don’t blame your circumstances for your failures. Own up and make necessary changes.

Define — Who you will become.

Read- to learn how to be more successful.

Apply — Apply what you’ve read.

Associate- Associate with people that can have a positive influence in your life.

Lastly go out and mentor others. Teach them what you have learned. Spread the opportunity that you have achieved. All the wealth and fame in the world mean nothing if you don’t share it with anyone. Look at Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley. Wealthy and depressed. Money will not bring you happiness. Sharing it with others will!

God bless you,

Michael Pickerill

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