Extreme Innovation: 3 Superpowers for Purpose and Profit by Sandy Carter

Isn’t Sandy Carter Awesome Looking?

Finally, I can announce a secret project from deep within Silicon Valley that I was contributing editor and strategist to Sandy Carter on her new powerful and timely book, Extreme Innovation— on the way to bestseller status! Sandy was very kind to me in her acknowledgment in the book at the top of the page,” Michael Pokocky — thank you for sharing your magic touch for writing and for contributing that magic in several chapters to help me weave the story.”

Just read the Editorial Reviews:

“Sandy Carter is a true expert in innovation who clearly lays out the roadmap for innovators struggling to find a way forward. She provides deep yet easily digestible insights for all, including individual entrepreneurs or corporations. Her advice is timely, especially as the world moves forward at lightning speed.”
- Anna Shen, Huffington Post

“Extreme Innovation is not an option. When you examine the speed of change, it pales in comparison to the speed of technology innovation.Sandy Carter was at the leading edge of Social Innovation and continues her legacy in this powerful and impactful book. Reading ExtremeInnovation will startle you and inspire you. Putting Extreme Innovation into practice will capture and sustain leadership and wealth.”
- Jeffrey Gitomer, author of The Little Red Book of Selling

“I can explain this book in five words” ‘Go extreme or go home.’ The choice between awesomeness and mediocrity is yours to make. If you choose awesomeness, then Carter has provided the path for you.”
- Guy Kawasaki, Chief evangelist of Canva and Mercedes-Benz brand ambassador

“Reading your book is like a bolt of lightning. A surge of power and passion! Your inspiration has sparked new ideas around my own project.You are luminous in this brave, new world. And the world needs bright, and thriving right lights now more than ever.”
- Dr. Elizabeth Lindsey; Explorer, National Geographic, Anthropologist, Extreme Innovator

“Sandy gives you the recipe for keeping your business and thriving in a world that’s about to see tremendous technological change thanks to AI, mixed reality, IoT advances, autonomous cars, robot drones, crypto currency, and much more.”
- Robert Scoble, Evangelist at Upload VR and Co-author of The Fourth Transformation

Sandy Carter has written a powerful and timely book and here’s why she is qualified to write about Extreme Innovation:


Consistently recognized by her peers as one of the most influential and powerful women in technology, Forbes named Sandy Carter one of their 2016 Digital Influencers, Onalytica’s Top 100 Influencer both for Cloud and IoT and a Top Channel Chief by CRN Magazine. In 2015, she also received honors as a C-Suite Social Media Legend, Biz.Com’s 2015 Top Growth Hackers, B2B News Network’s 2015 B2B Influencer, Franz Edelman Laureate for Analytics Innovation, and one of CNN Top 10 Most Powerful Women in Tech. She has been awarded more than 25 social media awards for her innovative and successful implementation of Social Business techniques. Sandy is a board member of Girls in Tech and WITI (Women in Technology International). She was honored twice with the AIT United Nations Member of the Year award for helping developing countries in the area of technology.

One of the leading pioneers in the digital business revolution, Sandy Carter was a driving force of Innovation at IBM for the last decade. Most recently serving as IBM’s worldwide General Manager of Ecosystem Development, Sandy was the global evangelist responsible for connecting emerging technology companies and accelerators with enterprises to increase productivity and creativity while fostering a community of innovation.

Sandy Carter is an international speaker who has presented in 80+ countries and author of 3 best-selling books, including “The New Language of Business,” “The New Language of Marketing” and “Get Bold” which was translated into 9 languages. Her latest eBook “Geek Girls are Chic” was featured in USA Today. She was named Best Speaker by Baptie & Company for receiving the highest speaker rating at the Channel Focus North America/Latin America conference and Best Speaker at the IoT Slam 2016 Conference.

A trailblazer behind new business and technology market entry and a recognized business and marketing thought leader, Sandy has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, London Economic Times, USA Today, Economic Times of India, Business Insider, Forbes, Venture Beat, Silicon Beat, Ad Age, Huffington Post and other numerous media outlets.

Sandy Carter has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Bachelors in Computer Science from Duke University.

The photo below is near my house where hike everyday for inspiration and saw this and thought innovation.

If you’ve bought the book please consider writing a review and if you need any ‘magic’ get hold of Sandy or contact me here in the comments.

Although I have read the book a hundred times I can say with certainty Sandy Carter has written a book that will bring the superpowers she talks about from Silicon Valley to every corner of the world where hard working and smart people will be able to collaborate without borders on the technological innovation without leaving their homes, country, and families thereby achieving a global super connected super powerful strategy for the next evolution of innovation. ~~ Michael Pokocky Writer and friend to all who want to write a book and need my help. 

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