The Adventures of TSP & MP

This is my model face.

Hi everyone. That cute little face you see is that of my son, Thomas Sterling Preston. Due to a generous employer (thanks CB!), I’ll be spending the month of September on paternity leave with him. I hope to post something daily about what we see, do, or feel, as we spend this time together. I hope you enjoy our (mis)adventures.


September 1, 2017: Kicking the Tires

Thomas turns three-months old tomorrow, but it seems like he’s been around much longer than that. At the same time, I didn’t know three months could fly by so quickly.

It’s my first day of paternity leave. Through a lucky coincidence my wife is wrapping up her maternity leave this weekend, so we have a few days of overlap before I’m left to my own devices with an increasingly perceptive child who is already quite skeptical of my parenting abilities.

The look says it all

Despite that look of abject fear, the day went…pretty well! It’s unseasonably cool in New York this weekend, so we had a nice stroll and playtime by the Hudson River (“playtime” is not really interactive at this point; mostly it involves watching Thomas kick while he gazes at the sky or listening to him crack himself up with his own baby speak. He’s like a street corner preacher.)

‘scuse me while I kiss the sky

Mommy had a much deserved girl’s night out, so I’m baby sitting. The evening started off poorly: Thomas had a total meltdown just as Ash was leaving. She offered to stay, but in my most confident tone, I said “I got this.”

(A more accurate description of my feelings).

Thankfully, my child has at least one glaring weakness that I’ve observed, and it’s the closest thing he has to an off button: a baby Bjorn. Bless those wonderful Swedes and their commitment to having babies pass out while harnessed to their parents. After a few spins around the apartment, this is what happened.

Live look at a passed-out baby

And with that, dad’s claiming a win. Goodnight all, and I hope that you too can fall asleep impersonating a Buddha statue.