Our list of preferred news sources

I’d like to see news sources such as Russia Today (RT), Telesur English, CGTN and TheDuran.com, used by WikiTribune for hard news.

The mainstream western media simply doesn’t cover hard news from Latin America, Russia, China, Asia or the Middle East.

Mostly what comes out of the MSM is washington-fed propaganda that always likes to throw in fake news, not real news which is of vital important to geopolitics around the world.

Some examples:

  • Recent elections in Venezuela have not been covered truthfully or correctly or at all by the western MSM
  • North Koreas attempts at dialogue and diplomacy with Australia, by sending the Australian government a letter inviting them to dialogue, has been rejected by Malcolm Turnbull. None of this is reported in the MSM, correctly, truthfully or at all.
  • China’s one belt road initiative has not been covered by the MSM
  • The devastation caused by the hurricanes in central America, hitting Puerto Rico, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Cuba, Nicaragua, Dominica, and the responses from governments around the world have not been reported at all or accurately by the MSM.
  • The war in Syria. Why is not being reported in the MSM that the US have been selling weapons to ISIS? This has been reported in TheDuran.com, RT and Telesur English.
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