Deciding the future of Corilla
David Ryan


Disclaimer. I did not use Corilla the past 7–8 months.

I have found Corilla usefull on a few occations as a markdown generator/visualizer. It’s been pleasent to use. However, I believe the biggest reason for me, and perhaps others, to not commit fully to Corilla as a developer, has been the lack of support (at that point in time) to specific programmable aspects, such as API documentation. Swaggers annontation became a lot easier in the development stage to adapt.

Developers could stay lazy in terms of documenting, and delivering with annontations to technical writers became quite simple. I do think a lot could be done in order to structure the delivery from annontations, to examples and actual full guides. Corilla would be excellent to fill the caps, but I think it lacks the intuitive implementation from annontations, that devs are quite fond with.