Has Freedom Died?

Has Freedom died? Have the great days, the good old days, the glory days of freedom passed us by? Has the bell of Liberty rang its final toll? Is Justice gone forever?

And now the ringer: Have we done this to ourselves?

Our ancestors, the Founding Fathers, would surely roll over in their graves if they could see what America has become. I honestly feel like it would look just like an old children’s cartoon; their jaws would literally hit the floor. Laugh if you must, but it’s true.

We have become a society of “Right now,” where nearly every desire can be satisfied on a whim. We search, dream of, and spend countless amounts of money trying to find ways NOT to work. Far too many of us expect the Government to do one or both of the following things: Take care of us or solve our problems. (NEWSFLASH: THEY ARE NEVER GOING TO, AND THEY LAUGH IN SECRET WHEN YOU RE-ELECT THEM.)

The sad truth is that many of us have forgotten what freedom is, and far too many more have forgotten what it costs. It took men and women who had no way of knowing whether or not they could ever hope to overcome insurmountable odds and an oppressive monarchy.

Men fought and died for your freedom, many without ever knowing or seeing it realised. They died for the IDEA of freedom. Back then, that death was much more horrible than one might conceive today. Solid lead objects (whether musketball or cannon shot) tore through their flesh. If not dead outright, a slow death from lead poisoning or infection was almost certain, and surviving meant losing a limb. Always.

I will allow a brief moment to allow readers to consider Revolutionary War combat and how gruesome it was.

Now that the thought has hopefully sunk in, how could we have allowed this to happen? How could we have possibly allowed the sacrifice of so many lives mean so little? Why do we allow ourselves and others to trample on their memories, their sacrifices, as if they were nothing at all?

The time has come, and not for just “a change”, but for a full scale revolution in how this country of ours is run. And no one, ladies and gentlemen, no one save ourselves the people can bring that to fruition. It will never come from an idealist, a Democrat, Republican, Independent, Liberal, Conservative or politician.

It will never come from Senators, Congress, or Representatives that do not fear the American people.

In conclusion, if you were to ask me the question stated in the title of this piece, my answer would be simple.


Freedom has not died, and cannot die, while any American with freedom in their hearts draws breath to defend it.

I pray we always will.

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