My Trip to Davis

On Friday night September 17 2016 my family and I drove to Northern California for the first time. My family was dropping me off in Davis, Ca to go to school at UC Davis. Pretty much everything was a first for us on this trip. I had never driven to Northern California before. I had never been to Sacramento. I had never been to Davis. It was very exciting!

I couldn’t see much of California because we drove at night. So I had no idea what we were driving through. But once we got to the motel and slept for a little; we drove around Sacramento. I had never been to The State Capitol and I was very excited. I think we all were. We drove around Sacramento looking for The Capitol Building. We were blown away by how pretty the city is. Every street has big tall trees along the road. Once we found The State Capitol Building, we were stricken by how big and beautiful it is. Not only is the building beautiful, but the landscape around the building is too. Around the back of the building is a huge park that is peppered with native trees. It is very pretty. I did not get to walk around the entire park because it is big. We also took a tour of The State Capitol building. Turns out it’s also a museum. Even the inside was nice. Especially the dome part of the building. That was something I really wanted to see! After that we decided to head over to Davis. On the way to Davis I saw this really cool bridge and wanted to drive on it. So we did that and it was awesome!

Once we got to Davis, we drove around campus for a little bit. I had no idea where we were going. Eventually we got to my apartment. I was a bit nervous because of this new experience. I checked in and got my keys. I was excited to move in and meet my roommate. My family and I unpacked everything and it was fun. I was so happy that they helped me. I think they enjoyed it too! Once we did that we went to go buy somethings that I needed for the apartment. That was fun! I hadn’t realized how much stuff I need for an apartment. There is so much I need. Eventually I will get more things and it won’t look so empty. Once we were all done I still hadn’t seen or heard from my roommate. I eventually emailed him and later on he texted me and explained what was going on.

Finally my mom and sister had left. They had stuff to do and they were tired. So they went back to their motel. I showered and got dressed; then sat down and started to write in my journal. I needed to get some stuff out. I was feeling scared and lonely. The writing kind of helped. I eventually started to cry. The emotions hit me hard. I started to realize that I was going to be so far away from my family. Away from home. I had gotten so comfortable living at home. I let the emotions run. I had to get it out. I tried to get it out as much as possible before I had to go to the mandatory meeting, but I couldn’t. While at the meeting I wanted to cry more and felt like leaving. I wanted to be in my room shedding tears. But I had to suck it up. I had to pull it together and socialize.

After the meeting I called my mom and sister and asked if they wanted to come over. I suggested we watch a movie and eat popcorn. I told them they could sleep over since my roommate hadn’t shown up yet. They came over and we watched Batman vs Superman. They fell asleep during the movie. I started to get tired and sleepy myself, so I turned of the movie and went to sleep. The next day I felt better and I hung out with my mom and sister. We walked around campus for a bit to discover how beautiful it is. Afterwards we went to go eat, then run some errands. After that, when we got back to my apartment, I had to say goodbye to my family. It was tough. I got choked up. I wanted to cry like a baby. But I held it to together. Even thinking about that moment makes me want to cry.

The move to Davis was a bit rough. It was and still is a learning experience. This next few months are going to be a challenge but I will get through them. Having a friend from San Diego has been a huge help.

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