The 4 best travel sites you’ve never heard of

This is kind of an old-school-looking website, but don’t let that turn you off. If you’re planning to travel via train, bus, or boat at any point during your trip this website is a must-visit. I seriously cannot recommend seat61 enough.

This is how I described to a friend, typos included

Vamo is an awesome new website that literally plans your entire international trip for you. Yup, try it out.

Update (September 2015): Unfortunately Vamo has been shut down. The team was acquired by Airbnb.

Rome2rio is an amazing resource for planning routes between any two (or three or four) places in the world. Simply input your start and end destinations and Rome2rio will show you all of the different ways you can get between your stops, including flying, driving, carpooling, or taking a bus/train/ferry.

Google Flights

Google Flights magic

Yes, Google has flight search, and yes, it’s awesome! Google Flights has a few awesome features that most other flight search sites don’t have. First, the map view (as would be expected because it uses Google Maps) is amazing. Second, you can do “open-ended” searches. Know where you want to leave from but don’t know where you want to go? No problem! Google Flights also gives you little useful snippets of info like how likely a flight is to be delayed.

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