Brexit Makes Sense
Braydon Dunn

I don’t mean to be a thorn in your side, but i don’t think it really made mainstream economic sense to leave, especially because all the neoliberals were pushing to stay. Most economists accross the spectrum are predicting serious immediate deflation for Britain and some are predicting longterm stagflation for Britain because it’s less appealing for multinationals to centre themselves in London, trade agreements will be uncertain for the coming years and and so-on.

I think it had more to do with nationalism and ananti-immigration sentiment for most voters, and a suprising amount of the politicians even. Not that that’s any more cheery.

There are some neoliberal economists that pushed for exit, but I don’t think they were the mjority. This chap thinks that it will be easier to restructure the Eurozone without Britain messing things up in the EU:

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