Alan4L’s NicoNico Guide

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Dec 22, 2015 · 2 min read

This is a bit out of date, but this is the most thorough guide I’ve seen on how to navigate NicoNico if you can’t read Japanese. The page for all iPPVs for Dragon Gate on NicoNico is:

There is often a discount for ordering shows early. Korakuens are traditionally 1500 points/$15.00 and the big Pay Per Views are at 2160 points/$21.60 for a preorder and 2700 pts/$27.00 day of show. This all fluctuates due to how the Yen is trading so often it’s a bit less of a One Point = One Cent ratio.

— — —

Here’s what I did. It’s pretty easy.

1. Sign up at for a free account. You can google translate the page to make it easier, but the registration is fairly standard so it’s not really needed.

2. The page for the show is — It costs 1800 points. 1 point = 1 yen.

3. Go here to buy points (I got 2000, as I can use the leftover 200 the next time) —

4. When you click on the points you want to buy, you’ll be presented with several payment options. I selected Mastercard and it accepted my details no problem. I just have a regular plain jane card, nothing special. As you proceed, it’s the gold buttons with Japanese writing that confirm each step (they grey button is cancel).

5. Once you’ve bought your points, go back to the show page. Click the big red button near the bottom:

Image for post
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6. That will confirm that you’ve bought the show with 1800 of your 2000 points, and you have 200 left.

7. You have the ability now to watch live. If you want to “timeshift” it, simply hit the yellow button that says Timeshift which appears on the show page and where the show is listed in your account. This will allow you to watch on demand for a week or so after the event.

8. To be sure you’ve done everything right, go to and it should look like this:

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Image for post

So that’s all there is to it. Really only took about 3 minutes for the whole process and it was very easy. Best news for me is that they have EVERY Dragon Gate show on offer live and on demand. All the Korakuens, alll the TVs and all the big shows!

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