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Now that I have your attention, today is Wednesday and as most of you know, the end of our business week ends today at 9pm PT / 12midnight ET.

The volume is HUGE this week from the launch of P90 and will continue to do so given the massive buy in everyone network wide is doing with the Fall Classic and the P90 challenge pack sale.

You want to make sure you’re in rank to maximize things income wise for your business. That’s not about me or any other leader, that’s about each one of us taking full ownership in minding the security of our castle so to speak.

We’ve all heard the stories and cliches about “treat your business like a business” and if you had invested large scale money to open a SubWay franchise or a store in a retail center, you’d be all over this 1000%

You do realize that this business will cash flow like those and better in many cases, when you’re super consistent, all about the 3 vital behaviors (not 2 or 2.2 or even 2.5, but 3 every day), and are always working on YOU first, paying attention to the proven strategies that work, YOU WILL SEE SUCCESS OVER TIME. No one wakes up in life and finds a bag of money by their bed, but in this business you do every Thursday morning and even though I didn’t join this to make a bunch of money, it was about paying it forward and sharing with people what I found that works to feel better & simply look better, with that, the more you help, the more you make is where that income comes from.

It’s knowing how to get efficient with helping people, getting better at those conversations in connecting with people and helping them see what it is that you have seen that has added so much value to your life.

You guys, this is a very simple business. It’s our sense of being that screws it up. We get impatient, we get overwhelmed, or frantic, or flustered, or frustrated. THAT IS ALL A CHOICE. PERIOD. YES it happens to me as well, but i’m so conscious of what we just talked about that I course correct rather fast and have less of those feeling across periods of time.

I said this at the Milwaukee event and it’s a big thing i’m going to keep talking about: the FASTEST WAY to change you and your business and your life ,is 100% about your energy and enthusiasm.

Watch what happens when you take this little note and have on the front of your brain (subconscious) that when you start to feel any of those negative feelings, you course correct and choose positive energy, good enthusiasm, being a forgiving person, YOU WILL SIMPLY SEE YOUR LIFE FLOURISH IN COUNTLESS WAYS.

Any great trainer would tell you the same thing, so since none of us are slated to be at a $10K event with Tony Robbins this weekend as far as I know, that’s one of the key things he would teach, as would Jim Rohn, Darren Hardy, and the gamut of other great trainers.

You need to work hard on you. I work hard on me. WE need to put our oxygen mask on first so we are able to help others around us.

That’s the great metaphor for how to succeed in this business as in life.

For something to change, something has to give. My good friends, that starts with you. What are you willing to release, to let go of, to change, to workout, to make your path brighter today than it was yesterday?

Carl made a comment at that Milwaukee event this weekend about the 3 Vital behaviors and he said “Connect, connect, connect” instead of invite invite invite.

That’s what it’s all about. Connecting with other people.

SO if you stink at connecting, you have to workout YOU first. Make sure you come off with the confidence about you and what you do. People only want to know that it’s safe to follow you.

This is basic human nature.

Would you follow anyone who seems lost, frantic, overwhelmed, insecure, too cocky, not nice, uncoachable, impatient, or anything of the like?

Of course not.

This is why personal development is so crucial.

Anyone who’s been following my buddy Jimmy Nelson over the last couple years has seen nothing but elevation in who he is, how he interacts, how he communicates, how he performs in all things he does. He’s on his A game like nothing you’ve ever seen. He was awesome before, but he wanted to lead a huge team into the future, so he took what i’m talking about herein, and busted his ass to master all these different ideas, philosophies, nuances, and the like. Now look at his results. His team around him is growing. He’s the best he’s ever been on stage. He’s completely amazing at connecting with people. And best of all, he has healthy boundaries and is not a door mat for others to soak up his time. SO he’s enabling those who want to run with him.

That’s what I feel safe to duplicate. He makes me feel safe to follow him.

We all need to strive to play our A game in life and have those around us feel safe to follow you. This is what I strive for in my life journey so people feel safe following me.

Jimmy didn’t wake up and find himself in that situation. He woke up and went to work. He found the best trainers and seminars and tools to learn from and use. He and Kelly invested big time in them.

Now watch that payoff. Watch the ROI on that situation. It’s a safer bet than whatever else you can put in front of me right now.

He didn’t keep his stuff a secret and neither did I. Neither did Monica & Dave. Neither did Tommy, or Hillary, or Josh, or Mindy.

We are an open book.

So what’s the rub in this conversation? I’ll tell you right now, it’s about your buy in level. We didn’t have to put our lives on the line to sign up for this business. We didn’t relocate a family to take this job. We didn’t borrow money from 26 relatives to open this place up. We paid $40 to get a spot in line. A spot in line that may make the BIGGEST return on your quality of life of anything you’ve ever done.

Now, what are you going to do with it?

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