I’m Sorry Mr. Zuckerberg, But You Are Wrong
Rick Webb

A very well written and well thought out piece about how bias didn’t work in your favor. Recall Facebook was also accused recently of censoring articles to only show users the issues and slants they deemed relevant. And those were decidedly not conservative Pro-Trump ones. If Facebook did anything it was help Hillary. The volume of anti-Trump posts/memes was overwhelming and certainly out of scale to any ‘Hillary is a crook’ meme. The entire world spun what he said, as gross as it was, into an “admission” of sexual assault when it was a gross brag by a gross man that since he is rich and famous women let him touch them where they wouldn’t otherwise. As foul as the brag was no where did he say or imply that they don’t want him to and he does anyway yet that was the media spin on it. As with everything in liberal media however you have to eat the whole bait hook-line-and-sinker or you are a *ist. One couldn’t even say ‘what a freaking pig idiot’ but not agree he condoned groping women who didn’t want to be touched without being a misogynist.

Certainly the media and even Facebook have their faults, and yes, the largest one is because of instant and large-scale user monitoring sensational news has a feedback loop that amplifies it beyond all prior scale but make no mistake about it; the “1%” you refer to was not in Trump’s favor. Trump might have gotten attention but none of it was good. The wikleaks were largely ignored, as was Benghazi, as was her being fed answers before a debate. Hillary is not a victim of the media or the FBI or racists or misogynists. She is a victim of her own incompetence in running her campaign (believe it or not from this post I voted for her). She thought she’d let Donald beat himself and she needed to beat him senseless and draw a huge distinction between her qualifications to lead us in these times vs his. As my friend put it her campaign needed to be about ‘Come with me if you want to live’. Given her many flaws and, despite people’s desperate attempts to explain them away, past transgressions and foibles she needed to do better than rope a dope. Facebook isn’t to blame. The FBI isn’t either. “Racists” and “idiots” and “misogynists” aren’t either. Sure they are coming out of the woodwork like roaches at night, but the core of his supporters stand for something far more and the very fact that people underestimated his supporters AND him is the reason he waltzed into the White House. Might be a better use of time to figure that out then calling out Facebook and FBI.