Michael your response fails to include the fact that today most women in the workplace have the…
Sharon Gibson Williams

Actually Sharon most women do not have the responsibility to work. They choose to and can choose to be supported at any time. This is why women talk about the inequality in the board room and not the inequality in the mines and on the docks. I’m not sure where YOU saw any change in men being expected to pay/protect because I have not seen that change in expectation from one single woman I know or have dated. If you examine your own life/beliefs I am sure you will see that your choice to work was just that, and at any time you can choose and expect a man to provide for you. It is why you can only discuss your rights to be a CEO because you aren’t obligated to go get a job as a UPS Driver or a dockworker or security guard or a taxi-driver to support a man and a home and you I don’t know ANY men who takes jobs at law firms in their 20s to “experience” a job while being wined and dined by men until they meet and marry a partner who senior associate. I don’t know any men who flitter around into their 30s and then end up living the lifestyle of the top 1%. I don’t know any men who are un or underemployed who can afford to let alone be accepted for dates. I don’t know of any men who can choose to date up, nor any men that can choose an emotionally rewarding yet financially limiting career without sacrificing their entire future standard of living AND access to sex/dating/relationships/marriage and children. Working is NEVER an option to men and being valued for their earnings is never an issue for women. You just truly and simply don’t get it. You talk about the “hierarchy in the workplace” because the only hierarchy you are interested in is Manager>CEO>Board>Owner you most definitely aren’t referring to the hierarchy of a lifetime of physically demanding/dangerous/unrecognized/stifling work and career to fulfill your lifetime obligation to yourself, a mate and your offspring. It is, as I said, all an option to you. I’ve spent my life understanding and accommodating even changing behavior to accommodate the rightful needs and claims of women and to understand the reality of their existence, my role in it, and how I can participate in “liberating” themselves from gender roles and expectations. If I sound angry it is because women seem unable and unwilling to even understand the challenges/limitations/expectations men face and to modify their own behaviors/expectations or even simply understanding in return.

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