This is incredibly interesting to me, because I speak from experience as an educator while you come…
Rebecca Zeines

Also I am unclear about this:

“ …my boundaries are extremely firm. If I need to draw the line for one reason or another, I won’t be negotiating. But I won’t be claiming “because I said so” either.”

How do you draw an extremely firm line that doesn’t brook negotiation without ‘because I said so”? I mean there are only so many ways to draw the line “Just do it”. “Don’t ask me again do it now”. “Because you have to”. “If you don’t do it I will take away privileges” “I will spank you if you don’t do it” “You won’t eat dinner if you don’t set the table”. Each of these comes down to “Because I said so, because it is my will, because it is the way I want it and you will do as you are told”. A line in the sand means nothing if you won’t back it up with force. Just ask Obama ;)

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