My daughter and I were discussing height preferences just yesterday.
Allison Washington

As a short man I have no issue with female preference for tall men. It all works out for me in the end anyway but I get it. I get most female preferences. They all make not only biological sense but go towards an inate realtionship between men and women that “works”. I’m guessing it isn’t “head tilt”. In any event I do always find it… interesting…that women on the same hand complain about male preferences. Often the same women that will only date tall/taller men (I’ve had 5–0 women break dates with me once they found out I was 5–7 more power to them) get incensed at me or other men for wanting petite or younger or bustier or prettier women. I say let’s embrace the core elements that work between men and women and let everyone be happy.

That said in my own dating life I have found that it is taller women that are generally more open to dating short-men. I’ve dated women as tall and even 2–3 inches taller. And it was fine. But yeah not the same thing as having your woman in your arms looking up at you. Go figure.

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