No More Good Girls
Sarah Martin

BTW; The concept of Sansa from GOT going from ‘Good Girl’ to ‘Powerful’ is some of the worst writing and logic of the series. Nothing about Sansa was powerful and nothing about her path made her so. She was a vain selfish girl who almost got her entire family killed, and then bound to one man after another to take care of her. She did absolutely nothing to help herself and yet suddenly back at Winterfell she is a ‘leader among men’. Why? Because she suffered? She tells Jon ‘I won’t let myself be captured you better undetrstand that’ as if SHE was the only person to suffer. Yep, raped and tortured by Ramsey. Jon was, among a number of other violent horrors, KILLED by then. She wasn’t worth of leadership or being considered ‘strong’ because of her suffering. Note that Theon who suffered far far far far worse than she did was not respected nor followed because if his suffering. The entire scene where Sansa suddenly knows about grain stores and outfitting armor for the winter while the battle-hardened general and castle-ward followed her was ludicrous and a hard-right jerk of the wheel on a character simply to set up the following (admittedly interesting) scened.

Not to digress to a GOT discussion but there WERE a ton of amazing women in that series (Danerys NOT being one of them);

Arya: for a # of reasons everyone, man and woman, should embrace. he rejected the roles expected on her by her gender and station and physical attributes and circumstances and simply decided. One of my favorite lines of the show is when she says to her father “No. That is not me”. That is a powerful human.

Brienne: Similar to Arya (which is why there is so much mutual respect) who also embraced the core notions of ‘romanticism’ above and beyond love and sex but at the core of those as well; loyalty, honor, sacrifice, courage, honesty.

Give me a choice between either of those two (er when Arya is of age of course) as a partner vs Sansa and I’d take either one of them in an instant.

Some other strong powerful not good girls I’d have used as examples:

Cerci: Admittedly short on morality but extremely capable, fearless, effective, smart and loyal.

Talisa: Gave up her royal aspirations to care for the sick and dying, fearless enough to speak back to the king of the enemy (Robb!) on the battlefield. Good kisser ;)

Caetlyn Stark. Possibly the definition of.

The list really goes on and on.

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